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Your Pregnancy

At Contemporary Women’s Specialists, we provide the full range of obstetric care for normal and high risk pregnancies. Each doctor is knowledgeable and has many years of experience providing care for expectant families. CWS doctors usually deliver their own obstetric patients whenever possible.


Our doctors practice at Saint Francis Hospital at 61st & Yale in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Saint Francis Hospital excels in patient safety and has OB hospitalists who help in emergencies and assist on surgeries. Saint Francis Hospital nursing staff encourages and supports women physically and emotionally in their delivery experience.

How will I know if I need a high risk specialist? Will I need to change doctors?
The high risk specialists (also called Maternal Fetal Specialists) do not deliver babies so you will not need to change doctors. Your CWS doctor is a specialist who routinely manages high risk conditions and high risk deliveries.

What if I have twins or multiple gestation?
Congratulations! CWS doctors have been taking care of multiple gestation for many years and have a lot of experience with multiple gestation. CWS doctors have the experience and knowledge to help you through a pregnancy with multiples. 

About your appointment during the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

We know that a pregnancy is one of the most exciting times for a woman’s and her family. The pandemic is a very stressful time to need and receive medical care. 

Currently we are PATIENTS ONLY for our office appointments, meaning that only the patient and no one else can come to the appointment. This is entirely for the safety of our patients and their unborn babies. This creates smaller numbers of people in the office and allows for improved social distancing. Depending on the community Coronavirus numbers we will decide when it may be safe to allow one person to accompany each patient. 

We encourage our pregnant patients to consider bringing a cellphone that can record or perhaps even use FaceTime during the ultrasound portion of your visit. Please ask the doctor when you can begin a FaceTime call or video recording. If you have more questions about this policy please talk to your doctor about your concerns. We want to know how we can best help you through this.  We are also disappointed that the Pandemic has changed our ability to meet and know your family during your pregnancy, as we have done for years.

General OB Health Info COVID-19 Coronavirus

Pregnant women are not at more risk for catching corona virus, but are at risk for having more severe disease, just as with the flu.  Please ask your doctor what your specific risk factors are.

MASKS DO HELP!! Please wear a mask that is fitted over the nose and mouth. If you wear it below your nose, it does not help. Wear a mask in all public places where other people are or have been.  Indoor spaces especially may carry more risk of spreading the virus where, in some situations, the virus can remain in that airspace for hours. Even when outdoors, a distance of at least 6 feet is recommended, except for with your immediate household members. Mask use outside further reduces risk of transmission. The longer you are near others probably increases risk especially when a mask is not worn. Restaurants, movie theaters will be moderate risk if you eat or drink, since you must remove or open your mask to do so.


Delivery at Saint Francis During the Pandemic

Since the Pandemic began, Labor and Delivery and Postpartum areas have allowed one visitor. As we understand the policy should be the same visitor throughout your stay. Women are not required to wear a mask while in labor.  

If you become sick with coronavirus, please call the office. We may need to reschedule your appointment and if depending on how sick you are we may recommend going to SF hospital. The odds for most pregnant women with coronavirus and their unborn babies is good.  

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